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Keeping Development Standards Healthy and Current

02/20/2012 - An essay on the effectiveness of standards used for software development

Dodging the Bullet

07/03/2011 - Inaccuracies with status-reporting as individuals and not as a team

Effects Of The Annual Review

06/05/2011 - A commentary on the annual review ritual

Indirect Communication

05/23/2011 - A perspective on the challenges associated with the exchange of information

Expanding the Comfort Zone

04/17/2011 - A reflection on psychological resistance to change

Counting Change

03/14/2011 - A perspective on why the Waterfall process continues to dominate software development projects

Extra Innings

02/05/2011 - The perils of maximizing the use of scarce talent on software development projects

Lost In Translation

01/09/2011 - Potential pitfalls of using a hybrid Waterfall-Agile process for software development

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