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Welcome to McDonough's Agile Outpost, a collection of articles, book titles, book reports, and links related to Agile and Lean software development. Conveniently located in the suburbs of the software development galaxy on the primary passage from the traditional Waterfall methodology to the Agile frontier, we offer a way station of information to assist the weary traveller in navigating the transition through this challenging corridor.

  • Perhaps you need some guidance on what lies ahead from some of the intrepid voyagers who have explored these expanses and charted the way for others.
  • Perhaps you seek the latest conditions on obstacles and hazards to be encountered as you travel.
  • Perhaps you simply are making a pit-stop to refuel enough to reach the next station along the way.

Regardless of why you have stopped, we hope you will find at the Agile Outpost whatever you might need to make your journey to Agile swift, pleasant and successful.

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